Is an undeniable fact: every time is more and more manifest the admiraction toward the extraordinary figure of our mother Mary of Saint Joseph, and correlatively the interest to know her life, all the more now after the beatification, when her fame spread to other countries. After a process of short duration initiated on 1983, Mother Mary of Saint Joseph was beatified in Rome on may 7th, 1995. When the Mother Church beatify or canonize one of her children, it has a double aim: to propose him like a model of evangelical life and at the same time, as an intercessor in the presence of God for the good or benefit of the humanity. Both aspects are fulfilled in the highest degree in our Beatified Mother for the glory of God. The great quantity of expressions of thanks to the Eternal Father due to favors achieved by her intercession, is a permanent hymn of glory to her name. There is who had called her "the saint Rita of the modern times" During her long life she wanted to live occult and ignored to the eyes of the world judges according to the appearances, in order to only God were glorified in her works. Her inmense love to the divine Eucharist led her to live inflamed in it, in such a way and in such an extent that she offered -in spiritual sacrifice- to the salvation of the world so injured today in his own heart: the human dignity. The next day after the beatification, his Holiness Jhon Paul II, speaking to the venezuelan pilgrims congregated in the Paul VI salon, expressed: "The life of the Mother Mary interpellate to all of us as an example of faith in God and of help to the needy. The new beatified is for the venezuelan woman a convocation to the development, with a real strong affection, of her specific mission in the Church and iin the society. At the doors of the christian third millenniun, I commend to this glorious Church´s daughter the task of the new evangelization in Venezuela and in all latin-american continent".